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After a thorough and detailed research and consultations with both International and local partners in combating crime, Global Link Shipping/ Courier Company provides tailor made Security Solutions developed with the client for the client. Our Security Solutions are designed for Optimum Effect First time.

Dedicated to developing and implementing specialized security guard programs for each of its clients, Global Link Shipping/ Courier Company provides superior service in a cost-efficient manner.

Its commitment to professional quality security services is unmatched. With its exceptional security personnel, Global Link Shipping/ Courier Company sets the industry standard for excellence.

Global Link Shipping/ Courier Company assignment solutions are tailor-made to the specific requirements of the client.

Your Security Solution will be implemented, monitored and controlled by our experienced, professional management team to your exact requirements.

Our consignment/good delivery is first class and it has earn the trust and confidence of our customer. Just call on us, we shall deliver to you anywhere. Your smiles is our happiness.


  • Global Link Shipping/ Courier Companyr employee is honest and therefore trusted to work unsupervised in the customer's premises and with valuables. Global Link Shipping/ Courier Company never compromises in its demand for integrity. Integrity also includes openly expressing one's opinion, reporting and not withholding information